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  • In 18 just days you can have an uae investor visa delivered to your home.
  • If you want to live and work in United Arab Emirates in Dubai or any other cities, we can assist you throughout the process from start to finish.
  • We will remotely assist you with the uae government until they send the visa to you.
  • We offer investor visas and will assist you step by step until you’ll have your U.A.E ID card and 3 years residency, easily renewable.

Here we explain how our support works step by step:

  1. We will form a company in the Emirates’ free zone, which will allow you to receive residency for 2 people. They don’t have to be relatives. Director and shareholder may be just one of the two, or both.

We will choose the type of license together, based on your needs. It could just be a consulting for a certain sector, which can be practiced online. Companies don’t necessarily have to be active or have an office. It can only be held for residence reasons, as long as you pay the annual tax to the government.

The incorporation time for a company is 3 working days.

Company’s incorporation costs: 27 500 AED

Residency cost (with medical and Emirates ID): 5 500 AED (for each person), and for minors 3 500 AED.

Basically the entire process will cost you about 33000 aed. or 8700 USD.

At this price you may have a company in a country where:

  1. Taxation is 0%.
  2. There aren’t agreements with other countries in the world and where citizens and residents are truly protected.
  3. You can enjoy bank security from local banks and protect your capital.
  4. Criminality levels close to 0.
  5. You can give a future to your children with citizenship of united arab emirates and let them study in the some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Annual renewal fee of the license (from the second year): 18 500 AED (UAE tax is 0%)

We also offer the option to form a company and get 3 residences in UAE at a slightly higher company price and annual renewal cost.

  1. After receiving the documents from the government we will present the paperwork to the local authorities for the establishment card. We need 12 working days for it.
  2. After receiving the establishment card we will ask for your Enter VISA. This requires another 7 working days.

With this visa you’ll be allowed to enter the UAE with your passport and apply for residence permit, ID card, and change your driving license to a UAE driver license. This will require 2-3 working days.

During this process you’ll have to send us 1 dhl with documents signed by you.
These documents are required, and you’ll received a scan of each document by email.

You’ll only need to print and sign.

Of course we can offer advices on hotels and renting apartments during the first period.

To have a residency in the UAE it’s not necessary to live in the country. Just visit once every 6 months.

Opening a Free Zone account is fairly easy, but the banks usually ask for an account to held between 3000 usd and 6500 usd.

Apart from all this, we offer our friendship for life!
We are a group of young dynamics and creatives.